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Rugged, Reliable Fabco-Air Components Keep Industrial Printing, Converting Machines Rolling

Rugged, Reliable Fabco-Air Components Keep Industrial Printing, Converting Machines Rolling

Printing, papermaking and converting operations, like other industries being transformed by digitization, face challenges ranging from aggressive throughput targets, increasing efficiency goals, a shift to more sustainable materials and processes, on-demand production runs and customization, to name a few. Continued success starts with having equipment you can count on to deliver optimal performance reliably at high-speeds against short turnaround times — with no unexpected downtime. Whether you’re designing printing equipment like inkjet presses, roll-to-roll (RTR), single-pass and flatbed printers, 3D printers, papermaking or converting machines, your pneumatic components must be up to the task.

At Fabco-Air, we offer a large selection of pneumatic components that have the exceptional performance, reliability, durability and long life that your equipment demands. Our product range includes a variety of components appropriate for a diversity of printing, paper and converting machines and equipment. Here are some examples:

  • NFPA Series air cylinders allow fast, easy replacement of NFPA compatible cylinders, so equipment and systems get up and running quicker.
  • F Series stainless steel air cylinders are particularly attractive for small-production print runs as well as equipment exposed to moisture such as near wet wipe soaking or where humidification is required.
  • The Original Pancake® and Pancake® II air cylinders offer bore sizes and strokes of four inches or smaller, making them ideal for machines with limited installation space.
  • Multi-Power® actuators deliver forces comparable to low-pressure hydraulics at a competitive price.
  • Air preparation products keep printing and converting operations functional and safe. Potential uses include preventing particles from contaminating inks or adhesives, optimizing air pressure or removing harmful ink vapors that can otherwise affect operators or nearby components.
  • Our FVEC electrically actuated piloted control valve ensures accurate and efficient control of ink delivery, print mechanisms, paper handling tasks or equipment sterilization.
  • GB Series block-style linear slides provide precise, high-speed linear thrusting for a wide range of automated machines and packaging equipment requiring high load capability and durability.

At Fabco-Air, our pneumatic components are built tough. For example, our cylinders can support up to 20 tons of force and feature aluminum — or stainless steel — construction along with high-strength tie rods and pistons for long life. Rugged GB slides offer anodized aluminum construction and mounting flexibility, while our FVEC control valves are made with special machining and hard anodized bodies.

Customers can also choose from a variety of sizes and configurations to best match their application needs. One particular tool, Dial-A-Stroke® — an option on most of our cylinders, including Pancake® Cylinders — allows users to precisely adjust strokes according to their cylinder size. We also excel at creating custom “specials” when a standard product calls for modifications.

For more information, visit our printing, converting and papermaking page.