Pneumatic Technologies
Standard and Custom

Pneumatic Technologies
Standard and Custom

For over 60 years, we’ve provided best-in-class pneumatic products, solutions and support for a variety of industries, from automotive to semiconductor manufacturing. In addition to the Original Pancake® cylinder, we design and deliver linear slides, actuators, air preparation units, valves and more—all with short lead times on both custom and off-the-shelf units.

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Over 50% of the products we manufacture are special items designed to solve unique customer application problems.

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Featured Products

Pancake® II

Direct Interchange Air Cylinder

Pancake® II cylinders deliver effective motion output with short strokes for space-limited applications and carry on the Pancake standards of quality, performance, durability and long life.


NFPA Pneumatic Cylinders,

Versatile, interchangeable NFPA cylinders feature rugged construction and can replace other manufacturers’ NFPA units for greater design freedom. A feature-rich OEM-priced cylinder is also available.


Direct Interchange Actuators

Ideal for light duty, space-constrained applications, economical F Series interchangeable cylinders do not compromise on performance, features or reliability.


Using only shop air pressure, Multi-Power® Air Cylinders deliver forces comparable to low-pressure hydraulics—from under a few hundred pounds to over 22 tons.