Direct Interchange Air Cylinder

Pancake® II

The Compact Industrial Air Cylinder Family That Sets a New Standard for Quality and Performance

The Pancake® set the standard of excellence for compact air cylinders, and the Pancake II Direct Interchange Air Cylinder raises the bar even higher. Like the Original, Pancake II provides effective output motion with short strokes in applications with limited space.

Designed for long life, Pancake II’s quality construction features include an impact-resistant interchangeable cylinder barrel made from high-strength composite and a self-lubricating cylinder wall. The smooth interior minimizes heat buildup, keeps friction low and prevents slip stick that can hamper metallic cylinders. The stainless steel piston rods are plated with hard chrome to enhance the lifetime of the cylinder, and the rod-bushing’s non-metallic high performance composite gives it exceptional load-bearing strength. It even polishes the 303 stainless steel shaft to extend shaft life.

Pancake II is available in five standard styles with eight bore sizes from one-half to four inches. Stroke lengths go up to four inches. The family also offers the following variants:

P3D Series double-acting, single rod end cylinders. Providing three distinct positions of travel in just one space-saving unit, this versatile, stacked version of the Pancake II lets designers take advantage of many of the same mounting styles, features and accessories and forgo the extra cylinder.

PND Series non-rotating, twin-rod air cylinders. Ideal when you need to keep your load in a fixed orientation during its linear movement, this non-rotating, double-acting air cylinder’s two piston rods are bound by a rod end toolbar to hold the piston securely in place. This construction keeps the rods working in tandem, prevents parts from rotating around the rod axis and provides a convenient mounting surface for additional attachments.

Key Specifications

  • A wide range of sizes:
    • Standard and P3D Series: Eight bore sizes from ½ to 4 inches and strokes up to 4 inches
    • PND Series: Four bore sizes from ¾ to 2 inches and strokes up to 4 inches
  • Self-lubricating composite body
  • Clear anodized aluminum alloy heads
  • Stainless steel tie bolts
  • Rod bushing
    • Standard and P3D Series: PTFE composite
    • PND Series: bronze
  • Prelubed with Magnalube-G® grease
  • Air service to 200 psi
  • Minimum recommended operating pressure: 15 psi
  • Temperature Ratings:
    • cylinder: -25° to +225° F (-32° to + 121° C)
    • electronic sensors: -4° to +176° F (-20° to + 80° C)
  • Internally lubricated Buna-N seals
  • Buna-N O-rings are internally pre-lubed with Magnalube-G as standard
  • Many options available
  • Magnetic piston sensing available
Technical Advantages
  • Cylinder construction includes composite barrel with stainless steel tie bolts and aluminum spacers that lock precision machined heads tightly into place.
  • High-strength high-performance composite resists corrosion, moisture and temperatures up to 325° F, while offering a high load capacity and very little friction.
  • High impact resistance, minimizing failure caused by dings and dents.
  • Self-lubricating cylinder wall ensures high performance thanks to a smooth interior with low coefficient of friction to minimize heat buildup, eliminate slip stick and extend seal life.
  • The high-performance composite piston rod bearing and shaft work together to ensure high reliability: Over the cylinder’s cycle life, the composite bearing — which carries 60,000 psi — polishes the hard chrome-plated shaft.
  • Magnalube-G® Teflon™-impregnated grease provides a long operating life and lubricates across a wide temperature range.
  • Three-piece piston assembly with counter-bored, counter-sunk piston head, piston shaft and alloy flathead is locked and torqued for excellent engagement, keeping the piston shaft secure.
  • A thick rear cover prevents impact blowout.

Application Examples

  • Medical packaging machinery
  • Conveyors
  • Dispensing
  • Mold ejection

Custom Solutions