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Food-Grade Pneumatic Cylinders Served Fast

Food-Grade Pneumatic Cylinders Served Fast

When it comes to food and beverage production, exposure to moisture and chemicals from washdowns is likely your first concern when specifying an actuator. But, thanks to the ever-challenging throughput demands of the food industry, getting the right actuator quickly is also a top priority. That’s why it pays to work with a vendor that has a lineup of products that stand up to the rigors of food and beverage industry applications and can be tailor-made quickly to satisfy your special requirements.

Many Fabco-Air pneumatic cylinders are available in food-grade variants that offer exceptional moisture and chemical resistance for a wide variety of applications such as meat, poultry and fish processing as well as filling and sealing, packaging, canning and sorting. And, our food-grade cylinders come with corrosion-resistant seals and FDA-approved lubricants. Highlights of our food and beverage pneumatic cylinder offering include:

  • Original Pancake® and Pancake® II. Designers of food and beverage equipment don’t have to sacrifice short strokes, compact size and durable construction. Pancake variants are washdown resistant and are offered in Delrin® and all-stainless steel versions.
  • F-Series interchangeable cylinders. Our light-duty, cost-effective cylinders are available in Delrin or stainless steel versions. The F-Series Delrin variant comes with a Delrin head and cap, and stainless steel piston rods for corrosion resistance. The Stainless Steel F-Series is made from 303 and 304 stainless steel and comes with a food-rated rod wiper.
  • NFPA Series. Both the OEM and standard NFPA from Fabco offer corrosion resistance as standard with an anodized head, cap and barrel with options to include a stainless steel piston rod, tie rods and fasteners. Additional options such as Viton seals and metallic rod scrapers also increase the durability of these cylinders in harsher environments. Fabco can also provide an NFPA with hard anodized head and cap and a composite barrel, and, for the harshest environments, an all-stainless NFPA — both as custom solutions.
  • Air Preparation. Our lineup of air preparation products for food and beverage applications includes FRL and mist separation units.

Custom Food-Grade Cylinders With Quick Turnarounds

In today’s food and beverage industry, having the right parts for your equipment is critical to achieving and maintaining optimum production. Because these Fabco-Air products are variants of standard models, we can deliver them to you quickly so your equipment can get up and running to meet your challenging food and beverage production goals.

For more information about Fabco-Air pneumatic cylinders for food and beverage applications, visit our industry page.