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Solenoid and Directional Control Valves

High Quality and Varied Designs

Fabco-Air covers all of your directional, solenoid, air pilot, needle and flow valve needs. Our valve lineup features a wide range of sizes and high-performance materials, including FDA-approved options for your flow and process valves. If installation space is an issue, you can mix and match our valves in a single compact manifold. Additionally, we carry several lines of special purpose valves—including shuttle, check, micro limit and pressure sensing valves.

Pneumatic Directional Control Valves

Hex Body and Miniature Modular Manifolded Poppet Valves

53 Style

  • Flow rate range: Cv = 0.05 to Cv = 0.23
  • Port sizes: ⅛ NPT and ¼ NPT (Hex body), 10-32 and ⅛ NPT Modular
  • Compatible with air, water and other fluids with standard Buna-N seals
  • Explosion-proof coils available
  • Available in both single or multiple manifold versions
  • Miniature includes pressure manifold plugging, allowing for multiple pressures and medias to be controlled at once
  • Miniature allows you to combine multiple functions and ports to save time, money and space
Standard Spool Valves

18, 14, M14 and 34 Series

  • Flow rates: Cv = 0.27 to Cv = 1.0
  • Port sizes: ⅛ NPT (18 Series), ¼ NPT (14 Series), ¼ NPT Stacking (M14 Series), ⅜ NPT (34 Series)
  • Lightweight short stroke Delrin® spool with dynamic seals for a fast and reliable response
  • Select models of the 14 Series are stackable to optimize cost and space
  • Suitable for vacuum directional flow applications, but not for holding vacuum applications
  • Available in nine different actuator types including manual, solenoid actuation and mechanical
High Flow Spool Valves

12, 12A, 12B and 38 Series

  • Flow rates: Cv = 2.2 to Cv = 6.2
  • Port sizes: ½ NPT (12 Series), ⅜ NPT and ½ NPT Manifold (12A Series), ½ NPT High flow (12B), ⅜ NPT (38 Series)
  • Constructed from lightweight aluminum with hard anodized aluminum spools
  • Spool cushioned with Delrin®-urethane bumper combination that absorbs shock but does not bounce the spool
  • Static seals
  • Available in six different actuator types
Flow Optimized Pneumatic Solenoid Valves

FVA and FVEC Series

  • Flow rate: Cv = 0.7 to Cv = 2.8
  • Port sizes: ⅛, ¼, ⅜ and ½ NPT
  • Individual or manifold mount
  • Fast-acting valves designed for high flow
  • Multiple options include 2- and 3-position spools
  • Individual or manifold mount
  • Manifolds range from two to ten stacks
  • Fifteen million cycle life in normal usage
  • Special machining and hard anodized body
Namur Valves

FVEN Series

  • Flow rate: Cv = 1.7
  • Port size: G1/4 ports
  • NAMUR mounting attaches directly to the actuator without additional manifolding
  • Designed for high flow with single or double solenoid model options
  • Features 100% continuous duty cycle

Process and Media Valves

Composite Body Poppet Valves

38MP, 3853 and 3953 Series

  • Flow rates: Cv = 0.025 to Cv = 0.31
  • Port size: ⅛ NPT
  • Constructed from media-compatible DuPont™ Zytel® FE 5105
  • FDA-approved options available
  • “Basket” orifice design feature allows the possibility of changing the orifice diameter in the field to meet flow requirements
  • Created from predominantly lightweight and corrosion-resistant composite materials
  • Choose between a brass/stainless steel or all stainless steel solenoid operator
Brass Body Diaphragm Process Valve

3500 Series

  • Flow rates: Cv = 1.5 to Cv = 2.4
  • Port sizes: ¼, ⅜ and ½ NPT
  • Robust, compact valves that combine the latest injection molding and forging technologies
  • Molded pilot section features a quick connect DIN 43650 “A” electrical connection, high-cycle solenoid parts and a push non-locking manual override
  • Use as a directing acting/pilot operated valve gives full flow throughout the pressure range starting with an MOPD of zero psi
Composite Body Diaphragm Process Valve

3510 Series

  • Flow rates: Cv = 1.5 to Cv = 2.4
  • Port sizes: ¼, ⅜, ½ NPT
  • Designed with a media compatible polymer body
  • Features a stainless steel anti-flex ring for port strength
  • Use as a directing acting/pilot operated valve gives full flow throughout the pressure range starting with an MOPD of zero psi

Special Purpose and Accessory

Special Purpose Valves

OS, RV and MSV Series

  • OS-1 Series: provides a momentary output at its cylinder port when pressure is applied at its inlet
  • RV-1 Series valve: designed to open when a pre-set amount of pressure is applied to provide a pilot signal for circuit control
  • MSV Series: tiny, poppet-style valves designed for very light actuating forces
Accessory Valves

Needle and Flow Control Valves, Check Valves, Shuttle Valves and Quick Exhaust Valves

  • Miniature Series allows you to choose between 1-way or 2-way flow, panel mounting and flow control models, all constructed from durable brass
  • Micro-Fine™ Series designed to provide high control of gasses and liquids, available in both needle or flow valve models
  • Swivel, Port-Mounted line provides a 360° swivel on all models, multiple size options and the choice between molded or brass body design
  • SuperVee™ Series can be adjusted from full flow to bubble-tight shutoff with an orifice that provides precise repetition of your selected flow rate
  • Check and shuttle valves available

Custom Solutions