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A Compact, Durable Cylinder With World-Class Value and Versatility

A Compact, Durable Cylinder With World-Class Value and Versatility

It’s no secret that Fabco-Air is well-known for its high-performance compact air cylinders in imperial dimensions. However, there may be situations where you need the same short strokes, high quality and rich set of features you’ve come to expect from a compact Fabco-Air cylinder, but in a metric-size unit. That’s why we offer the Global™ Series of compact cylinders in a broad array of models and options.

This true metric interchange cylinder delivers short strokes and fits into tight spaces — just like its domestic counterpart, the Original Pancake®. Featuring durable and rigid anodized aluminum extrusion construction, the Global Series features oversized hard chrome stainless steel piston rods and an extra-long piston rod bearing. The rod bearing’s non-metallic composite gives it exceptional load-bearing capability along with corrosion and moisture resistance and very low friction. An optional magnetic piston provides position sensing with mid-stroke signaling and exact end-of-stroke sensing. Additional features include:

  • Pre-lubed with Magnalube-G® grease for a long lifetime.
  • A wide range of mounting options.
  • Multiple dovetails to accommodate multiple switches without the need for mounting brackets.

Cylinders Designed With Versatility in Mind

The Global Series cylinder was designed to offer exceptional versatility. It comes in 10 bore sizes ranging from 12 to 100 millimeter diameters, standard strokes are from five to 150 millimeters in length, and it is available in a wide variety of configurations. And, the family is interchangeable with many square, compact actuators from manufacturers worldwide. Thanks to its interchangeability, combined with its metric dimensions, the Global Series is an ideal choice for machine builders who want to make their products available to regions that use metric measurements, interface their cylinder with other metric components in a system or to simply streamline their design process.

In addition to standard cylinders, the Global Series includes two variants:

  • GT Series cylinders with anodized aluminum tool plate.
  • Global Series stopper cylinders for conveyor applications.

Metric Interchange Without the Sacrifice

When a machine design calls for a compact cylinder in metric dimensions, the Global Series gives you that option without sacrificing features and performance. And, if a standard Global Series cylinder doesn’t match all your requirements, Fabco-Air can create a custom special and get it to you just as fast as our off-the-shelf products.

For more information about Fabco-Air’s Global Series cylinders, please visit our product page.