Metric Interchange Cylinders

Global Series™ and
GT Series

World-Class Short-Stroke, Low-Profile Extruded Air Cylinders

The Global Series™ is Fabco-Air’s extruded-body international counterpart to the Original Pancake® air cylinder. This metric, interchangeable air cylinder line, like the Pancake, is designed to deliver short-strokes and fit into tight spaces. Pressure rated to 150 psi for both pneumatic and hydraulic service, the Global Series comes with bore sizes ranging from 12 to 100 millimeters, and stroke lengths are from 5 to 150 millimeters.

These compact air cylinders are designed for durability. We machine the cylinder body from high-quality solid bar aluminum stock. The anodized extrusions house oversized hard chrome 303 stainless steel piston rods that help extend the cylinder’s lifetime, and the rod-bushing’s non-metallic high-performance composite gives it high load-bearing strength. Each Global Series air cylinder comes pre-lubed with Magnalube-G® — a Teflon™-impregnated grease that resists corrosive moisture, water and oil separation. In addition to standard cylinders, the Global Series includes two variants:

Global Toolplate — GT Series
These double-acting cylinders offer the same features as standard Global Series filters plus an anodized aluminum toolplate in blank, metric or inch styles plus chrome-plated stainless steel guide shafts. The cylinders come in 10 bore sizes from 12 through 100 millimeters and with strokes from 5 through 150 millimeters.

Global Series Stopper Cylinder
Designed for conveyor applications requiring resistance to side impact loads in a 32 millimeter bore size, the Global Series Stopper Cylinder features heavy-duty mounting, an oversized hard chrome-plated 303 piston rod and special bronze rod bearing with increased surface area.

Key Specifications

  • Available in 10 bore sizes: 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80 and 100 mm
  • Standard stroke lengths from 5 to 150 mm
  • Metric or inch rod thread and mounting
  • Global Series available in an assortment of configurations:
    • Adjustable Stroke Extend
    • Adjustable Stroke Retract
    • Back-to-Back
    • Tandem
    • Double Acting, Non-Rotating
    • Guided (GT Series)
  • Three port choices (NPT, BSP Parallel and BSP Tapered)
  • Standard rod end choices include female with wrench flats or male rod with wrench flats and jam nut
  • High quality, compact air cylinder bodies machined from the highest quality aluminum bar-stock
  • Air cylinder bodies hard anodized for superior appearance and corrosion resistance
  • Cylinders pre-lubed with Magnalube-G grease
  • Mid-stroke signaling
  • Exact end of stroke sensing capabilities
  • Pressure rated to 150 psi for both pneumatic and hydraulic service
  • Magnetic piston option available for cylinder position sensing
  • Full complement of mounting options
  • Multitude of standard options available
  • GT Series: Anodized aluminum toolplate: blank, metric or inch
  • GT Series: Chrome plated, stainless steel guide shafts

Global Toolplate — GT Series

  • Guided toolplate offers the same basic features as the Global Series cylinders
  • Available in 10 bore sizes and standard stroke lengths from 5 to 150 mm
  • Anodized aluminum toolplate: blank, metric or inch
  • Chrome plated, stainless steel guide shafts
  • Tapped mounting holes in rear of body
  • Composite rod and guide shaft bearings for smooth motion
  • Prelubed with Magnalube-G® grease
  • Hard anodized extruded body
  • Dovetail slots for magnetic piston sensing available

Global Series Stopper Cylinder

  • 32 mm bore
  • Operating pressure: 150 psi maximum
  • Mounting flange made of black anodized aluminum
  • Magnalube-G® lubrication
  • Internally lubricated Buna-N seals
Technical Advantages
  • The cylinder bodies are machined simultaneously from high-quality, solid aluminum bar stock resulting in excellent bore concentricity.
  • A non-metallic, composite rod bushing is a standard feature that strengthens one of the primary load bearing points on an air cylinder: the rod bushing.
  • The oversized, hard chrome-plated 303 stainless steel piston rod adds longevity to the cylinder.
  • Magnalube-G Teflon-impregnated grease provides a long operating life and lubricates across a wide temperature range.
  • Multiple sensor profiles, round and dovetail, each accommodate multiple switches without the need for mounting brackets.
  • This cylinder family was designed to be interchangeable with many square, compact actuators from other manufacturers.

Application Examples

  • Conveyors
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Motorcycle shocks
  • Exhaust brakes
  • Manifold mounts
  • High-temperature applications
    • Mold knock-out

Custom Solutions