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Linear Slides

Innovative Slides With Quality Construction to Deliver Precise, Repeatable Performance

Whether you require guided linear motion for a simple positioning or stamping operation or for a complex multi-axis robotic system in an automated assembly line, there’s a Fabco-Air pneumatic linear slide to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of slide styles such as single- and dual-bearing, pick-and-place, table, finger, block-type thrusters, linear thrusters and rodless designs. Compact sizes and low-cost models are also available.

Thanks to our many years as innovators of inch-size compact pneumatic air cylinder technology, you can count on Fabco-Air slides for precise, repeatable operation and good load handling capabilities. They’re also built tough with anodized aluminum toolbars and bearing blocks, stainless steel and durable bearing materials, so users can expect smooth motion and a long operating life. This broad line of linear slides can accommodate many mounting configurations and also includes a variety of accessories and sensing options.

Our Products

Basic Linear Slides

S and L Series

  • Standard bore sizes from 916 to 3 inches (6 total)
  • Cost optimized design includes composite sleeve bearings and replaceable roundbody cylinder
  • Available in single or dual bearing block configurations
  • S Series single bearing block for minimum installation footprint
  • L Series dual bearing block for greater stability, increased load capacity, and longer strokes
Precision Finger Slides

FDH Series

  • Standard bore sizes 10, 20 and 30 millimeters
  • Standard strokes up to 60 millimeters
  • Compact design with miniature linear guide driven by built-in, repairable air cylinder for smooth motion
  • Rubber bumpers and magnet standard
  • Assortment of mounting holes on cylinder body and tool-plate for variety of mounting configurations and load attachments
Precision Slide Tables

FGXS Series

  • Standard bore sizes from 6 to 25 millimeters (6 total)
  • Standard strokes up to 150 millimeters
  • Dual piston design delivers twice the thrust in a small footprint
  • Assortment of mounting configurations and options including adjustable stroke and shock absorbers
Block-Style Linear Slides

GB Series

  • Standard bore sizes 12, 20 and 32 millimeters
  • Standard strokes up to 10 inches
  • Robust design incorporates replaceable bearings, stainless steel guide shafts, and built-in repairable air cylinder
  • Interchangeable bolt pattern designed for mounting flexibility
Robust Ball Bearing Slides

SE and EZ Series

  • Standard bore sizes from 34 to 3.25 inches (6 total)
  • Standard strokes up to 30 inches
  • Robust design includes four pre-loaded, sealed linear ball bearings and is powered by a tie-rod style actuator
  • Many standard options and flexibility for specials
  • Available in single or dual bearing block configurations
  • Single bearing block SE Series for applications with moderate slide loads and minimal footprint
  • Dual bearing block EZ Series for high precision, high load carrying applications
Rodless Slides

FGYSR Series

  • Standard bore sizes from 10 to 40 millimeters (6 total)
  • Standard strokes up to 1,500 millimeters
  • Magnetically coupled carriage for applications with limited space
  • Interchangeable design

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