Precision Slide Tables

FGXS Series

High Load Capacity in a Space-Saving Design

Series FGXS is a twin-bore precision table slide that uses a rail bearing system for smooth operation. Users can choose from three mounting styles for optimal flexibility, and dowel holes and slots on the table surface allow for accurate, repeatable workpiece mounting. Magnetic position sensors are standard on all table slides, and two pistons provide excellent thrust. Bore sizes range from 6 to 25 millimeters and standard strokes range from 10 to 150 millimeters.

Key Specifications

  • Accurate, repeatable workpiece mounting
  • Standard position sensors
  • Side mounting — body tapped or through hole
  • Axial mounting — body end tapped
  • Standard magnetic pistons and sensor mounting slots
  • Adjustable stroke and shock absorber options
  • Dual piston
Technical Advantages
  • Flexible mounting via choice of three mounting styles
  • Dual pistons deliver twice the thrust
  • Recommended sensors feature surge protection, polarity protection, LED indicator and extremely fast switching speeds

Application Examples

  • Industrial automation, assembly and packaging
    • Robotics
    • Pick & place machinery
    • Thin parts placers
    • Pallet lift stations
  • Automotive
  • Medical imaging

Custom Solutions