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How Multi-Power® Air Presses Offer Flexible, Durable and High-Performance Bench Press Solutions

How Multi-Power® Air Presses Offer Flexible, Durable and High-Performance Bench Press Solutions

In manufacturing environments, many press machine applications can benefit from the convenience of lightweight, precision air-presses that can withstand harsh conditions and provide excellent performance over a long life.

Combining the force-multiplying advantages of our Multi-Power® cylinders with a precision framework, Fabco-Air Multi-Power presses deliver extraordinary thrust forces, power factor and accuracy. Here is a rundown of these cost-effective, high-performance machines.

Proven Multi-Power Technology, Durable Frame Construction
The Multi-Power cylinder is key to the air press design. Each Multi-Power cylinder uses multiple pistons attached to a single shaft to create a larger collective surface area for air pressure to act upon. Applying air pressure to the cylinder energizes every piston simultaneously via special internal air passages, effectively multiplying the output thrust.

Combining this technology with a precision framework enables bench presses to reach power factors 19.6 to 93 times greater than input line pressure, as well as low-impact forces ranging from 2,900 pounds to over 5 tons.

Equipped with standard Multi-Power features like a hard-anodized aluminum body and hard chrome-plated stainless steel piston rods, these air presses ensure reliable operation. A long-length, high-performance composite rod bearing provides excellent accuracy and reliability, while the cylinder’s pre-lubrication with Magnalube-G® grease delivers a long service life.

The sturdy framework consists of high-strength aluminum frame plates that withstand the toughest applications. And to ensure accurate alignment and rigidity, Multi-Power presses feature precision-located keyways and plated steel keys.

Portable and Convenient Presses
For convenient operation, Multi-Power presses are highly portable and can be used anywhere, thanks to their lightweight, compact design — ensuring you can meet tremendous strength and precision specifications when and where you need to. These presses are also simple to engage, requiring a single button press to actuate. Multi-Power presses also feature clean operation and require no hydraulics that could contaminate cleanrooms or laboratories.

To provide better air savings, our presses use only one stage on the return stroke. Ensuring flexible operation, users can easily adjust the applied force. These pneumatic presses are available in two, three or four stages and are rated to 150 psi service. Designs that feature additional stages are also available at lower pressures.

Here are some additional standard features:

  • 5-inch cylinder bore size
  • Strokes up to 12 inches
  • Standard ⅜ NPT ports
  • Cylinder air service up to 150 psi
  • Framework sizes:
    • Open widths from 5.5 to 11 inches
    • Open heights from 6.3 to 14.3 inches
    • Frame plate heights of 10, 14, 16 and 18 inches

Like most of our products, Multi-Power presses also have custom options available like Dial-A-Stroke® or the addition of magnetic piston sensing. Our online configurator makes it easy to specify your Multi-Power press.

Learn more in our white paper.