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Get To Know the Fabco FJS Series Metric-Interchange Cylinder

Get To Know the Fabco FJS Series Metric-Interchange Cylinder

When replacing pneumatic components, it’s important to make sure your new parts will match the same specifications and performance as your previous components. That’s why our metric-interchange cylinders are drop-in replacements for other manufacturers’ designs.

For example, our FJS Series of short-stroke air cylinders deliver excellent performance and reliability, and their flexible options ensure easy application without compromising performance. Here’s a helpful overview of these products.

Many Size, Mounting and Thread Options
Pressure rated to 145 psi, the FJS Series is directly interchangeable with other metric-specified air cylinders of the same bore size, as well as with our Global Series (obsolete) cylinders. FJS cylinder bore sizes range from 12 to 100 millimeters (mm), while stroke lengths range from 5 to 100 mm. For flexible installation, we can design a cylinder with various mounting styles, including through-hole and tapped, foot bracket, rear clevis, and front or rear flange.

Additionally, we can design FJS Series cylinders with either metric or inch rod thread end-mount configurations. We also offer multiple port thread options like NPT, BSP parallel and BSP tapered. Our rod end options include female with wrench flats or male rods with wrench flats and a jam nut.

More options are also available. For example, when specifying your cylinder, you can select Viton® seals to increase longevity, or specify magnetic pistons for position sensing.

Durability for Long-Lasting Operation
A key feature of the FJS Series is its excellent wear resistance. A clear hard-anodized aluminum body delivers superior corrosion resistance, while stainless steel or hard chrome-plated carbon steel piston rods deliver long product life.

Each cylinder is pre-lubricated with Magnalube-G® — our Teflon™-impregnated grease that increases resistance to moisture, water and oil separation. Magnalube-G grease also widens the FJS Series’ temperature range.

We also offer customization options including:

  • Rod extensions
  • Rod thread size or pitch
  • Longer strokes up to 200 mm

The FJS Series is ideal for applications that require compact pneumatic power like:

  • Industrial conveyors
  • Semiconductor processing lines
  • Manifold mounts
  • High-temperature applications like mold knock-outs

Fast Lead Times
We know you have short project timelines especially when you need replacement components. Our advanced manufacturing processes allow us to design, construct and ship our products with industry-leading speed to ensure you get the parts you need — when you need them.

Specify your FJS Series cylinder with our configurator or learn more on our product page.