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Enhance Your NFPA Cylinder’s Performance With Custom Design Options

Enhance Your NFPA Cylinder’s Performance With Custom Design Options

While standard pneumatic products can meet most project requirements, what if you need capabilities beyond what a catalog item offers? At Fabco-Air, we can modify our standard cylinders with many custom features that meet your unique design specifications.

For example, our rugged and versatile NFPA pneumatic cylinder is available in numerous versions with 17 different mounting styles as standard. Should you need more functionality, strength or other specialized features, however, we can customize these units in a variety of ways. Here are just some of your options:

Add Signal Outputs
We can customize any pneumatic product to coordinate with your other systems and equipment. Adding magnets to the piston, for example, can signal to other devices when the shaft is fully extended. For example, an NFPA cylinder that pushes packages off a rolling conveyor will signal that its shaft is fully extended. A robotic gripping arm, designed to coordinate with the cylinder, receives the signal and picks up the package to continue processing.

Reduce Noise and Wear With Cushioning Options
During operation, the end stroke impacts of the shaft can produce a lot of noise and shorten your cylinder’s lifespan. We can incorporate cushions to soften these impacts and extend your equipment’s lifetime. Choose between adjustable or fixed cushioning, depending on your needs. And, our silent seal bumpers are an excellent additional feature to further reduce noise.

Alter Port Configurations to Change Cycle Speeds
A cylinder’s air exhaust ports can determine cycle speeds during operation. Depending on your requirements, you may need more or less compressed air pumped through your actuator. We can alter your NFPA cylinder’s port sizes and locations based on your specifications with no performance loss.

Change Materials to Resist Harsh Environments
We can change the material of your NFPA cylinder for better durability. This unit has an aluminum construction as standard, but we can substitute stainless steel for the body, head or end caps, making it ideal for washdown applications.

Meet Space Requirements and Still Handle Heavy Loads
We can incorporate stop tubes to increase an NFPA cylinder’s ability to carry and fully support loads. And, we can change the shaft threading and size. With a larger shaft diameter and adjusted threading, for example, your NFPA cylinder can accommodate greater loads.

To learn more about our custom pneumatic products, check out our website.