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Design Flaws Solved With Pneumatic Grippers

Design Flaws Solved With Pneumatic Grippers

When you’re using pneumatic grippers in an application, you’re not betting on them to fail, but not all grippers are created equal. Flaws in construction can do anything from impacting the life cycle of your equipment to creating major maintenance headaches. The simple construction of Fabco-Air’s SPG Series pneumatic grippers helps to eliminate these flaws.

The SPG Series uses a simple but effective approach. A pair of ground, stainless steel guide shafts doubling as air pistons are press-fit and pinned to each gripper jaw. These two jaw units are then linked by the third moving part, a rocker arm that synchronizes motion. With only three moving parts, the SPG Series can eliminate any number of problems, including:

  • Difficulties with tooling attachments
  • Troubles with maintenance
  • Replacements without major readjustment and alignment
  • Verifying parts presence or gauging part size

To learn more about how the SPG Series grippers can help decrease maintenance time and expand your mounting options, download our white paper here.