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Comprehensive Air Management Optimizes Pneumatic Performance

Comprehensive Air Management Optimizes Pneumatic Performance

Did you know that powering pneumatic systems with low-quality air can shorten component service life and cause costly shutdowns? Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid these interruptions by supplying your pneumatic machinery with high-quality prepared air.

Our full line of air preparation products, including the FA Series, ensures critical parts run their best and last a long time. This series includes individual filters, regulators, lubricators and separators, and combination units consisting of multiple components are available.

To familiarize yourself with proper air preparation, here’s an overview of what’s included in the FA Series:

Filters for Particulate Protection
Supplied air containing dust and other particulates can compromise the performance and integrity of a pneumatic device’s internals. A filter is an effective first-line defense against such contamination by removing particles before they enter into the pneumatic component. The FA Series includes filters with four body sizes, each with two port sizes, along with 5- or 40-micrometer filters.

Regulators for Optimal Pressure
Too little or too much electrical power can damage electrical components. Similarly, too much or too little air pressure can damage your pneumatics. Installing an FA regulator upstream of your pneumatic equipment ensures your system receives the correct air pressure, preventing over- or under-powered components.

Outlet pressure adjustment is simple: pull the knob away from the housing until the orange stripe is visible, then rotate it. The FA regulator can regulate air pressure from 5 to 125 psi with a maximum operating pressure of 145 psi.

Lubricators for Wear Prevention
With moving parts comes lubrication concerns. Maintaining proper lubrication is a high priority in pneumatic components to ensure they function optimally and smoothly. FA lubricators are an effective lubricant delivery system because they inject a small amount of oil — as a mist — into the air supply.

Oil mist injection provides a continuous and properly specified amount of oil to downstream pneumatic components, and helps prevent corrosion, reduce wear and avoid premature part replacement. Each FA lubricator features a reservoir bowl that includes an oil level indicator so you can maintain an ample supply.

Separators for Contamination Prevention
In addition to particles, other contaminants like oils and vapors can damage sensitive components if present within the air supply. Mist and micro-mist separators can filter out fine particles, oils and vapors as small as 0.01 micrometer. FA Series mist and micro-mist separators can integrate with our other filter, regulator and lubricator (FRL) products using the same mounting brackets and connectors.

Combination Units Available
By combining a filter and regulator into one unit, you save space and simplify your installation. This combination unit is available with our standard filters and regulators to ensure its compatibility with other air preparation components.

We can also combine FA Series products to create two- and three-in-one units to suit your system, budget and space requirements. Combinations include:

  • FRL filter-regulator-lubricator with two type-L mounting brackets
  • CL filter-regulator with a lubricator and T-type mounting bracket
  • CM filter-regulator with a mist separator and T-type mounting bracket
  • FMR filter-mist separator-regulator and two type-L mounting brackets
  • FR filter-regulator with T-type mounting bracket

Valve Additions
Our lockout/tagout and soft-start valves help you keep personnel and equipment safe. Our FAV Series of soft-start valves protect inline pneumatic components during installations or repairs by gradually raising incoming pressure to avoid damage to critical components. Our RLT Series lockout/tagout valves ensure your machines are down during maintenance and prevent accidental startups. And, if you want to boost your cylinder’s performance, check out our FKP Series quick exhaust valves, which rapidly purge cylinder exhaust to increase cycle speed while reducing cycle time.

Whatever your design or budget constraints, we have an air preparation product or combination unit to meet your exact needs, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your system and maximizing service life.

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