Swing Clamp Cylinders

SC, FML and FHL Series

Compact Cylinders That Keep Workpieces Secure

SC, FML and FHL swing clamps offer pneumatic or hydraulic operation, depending on the series, and several action types. Durable SC Series double-acting swing clamps provide a standard magnetic piston for position sensing plus workpiece protection features. The SC Series’ clamp arm has a built-in adjusting bolt, while the FML and FMH Series are available with either a single- or double-sided clamp arm.

The clamp arm extends in a straight line away from the workpiece to provide plenty of space to load or unload the part. The arm can rotate 90 degrees to full extension, and it swings 90 degrees when retracting. Customers can choose Model Code R for clockwise and Model Code L for counterclockwise rotation. When the clamp arm is positioned over the workpiece, it follows a straight-line path to apply the clamping force.

SC Series swing clamps operate with compressed air or petroleum-based hydraulic fluid, the FML Series uses compressed air and the FHL Series is a hydraulic model.

Key Specifications


  • Bore sizes from 12 to 63 millimeters
  • Swing strokes from 7.5 to 18 millimeters; straight strokes from 10 to 50 millimeters
  • Theoretical output up to 483 pounds, extension, with a 20 millimeter piston rod and 63 millimeter bore at 100 psi
  • Operating pressure: 145 psi
  • Magnetic, aluminum alloy piston standard
  • Clamp arm with adjusting bolt
  • Four rod-end flats for clamp arm positioning
  • Hard anodized aluminum alloy housing
  • Hard chrome-plated carbon steel piston rod
  • Buna-N bumper and piston seal

Technical Advantages
  • The cylinder’s hard anodized aluminum alloy body mounts directly and rigidly to equipment surfaces while occupying minimal space.
  • A clamp arm rotates 90 degrees as it extends away from the workpiece, providing ample clearance and access.
  • The piston rod is hard chrome-plated to ensure long cylinder life.
  • SC Series standard features include a magnetic piston for position sensing, a clamp arm with adjusting bolt and four rod-end flats for clamp arm positioning.


Application Examples

  • Woodwork holding
  • Weld fixtures
  • Electronics