ISO 6432 Actuators

FAE Series

Reliable Actuators Designed for ISO 6432 Dimensional Compliance

FAE Series single and double rod cylinders are built to ISO 6432 dimensions. The family is available with bore diameters of 12 to 40 millimeters, and maximum strokes are as high as 1,000 millimeters for single rod and 500 millimeters for double rod units. Designed for long life, cylinders with bore diameters up to 25 millimeters are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and larger-bore units offer anodized aluminum construction. Each cylinder comes standard with an aluminum alloy magnetic piston, mounting nut and machined male rod thread with jam nut.

Key Specifications

  • Bore sizes: 12 to 25 millimeters (stainless steel barrel) and 32 to 40 millimeters (anodized aluminum barrel)
  • Strokes: up to 1,000 millimeters (single rod) and 500 millimeters (double rod)
  • Operating pressure: 1 MPa, 150 psi
  • Magnetic piston standard in all sizes
  • Single and double-rod versions
  • ISO 6432 dimensional interchange
  • CETOP RP52P compliance
  • Machined male rod thread with jam nut standard on all sizes
  • Anodized aluminum end covers
  • Wide range of models for many applications
  • Mounting nut on all sizes
  • ø32 and ø40 bores: offered as extended sizes with similar features


Technical Advantages
  • An aluminum alloy magnetic piston and machined male rod thread with jam nut are standard features.
  • The standard annular piston magnet is permanently bonded into the grooved piston for reliability. The polarized permanent magnet, made of rubber bonded barium ferrite, is very stable and unaffected by shock. Under normal use it will remain magnetized indefinitely.
  • Magnetically operated reed switches and electronic sensors can be mounted anywhere along the length and circumference of the FAE Series cylinder.


Application Examples

Conveyor belts