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Everything You Need To Keep Your Cylinders, Valves And Air Preparation Running Smoothly

Choose from a variety of mounting options, seal kits and position sensors for use with our popular product series, including our Global™, Multi-Power® and Pancake® cylinders. These accessories are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and configurations—ensuring you meet your unique application needs. We also offer special tools like pneumatic crimpers, breathers and mufflers, as well as seal kits and lubricant to keep your air-operated devices running smoothly.

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We offer various types of mounting options for our Global™ Series and Pancake® II Series cylinders, as well as for our air preparation units.

  • ISO and non-ISO, rod clevis, rod eye and rear clevis mounting kits (Global Series)
  • Clevis bracket, pivot mount, rod eye and trunnion bracket (Pancake® II Series)
  • Mounting nuts and brackets, including T and L styles (filters, regulators, lubricators)
  • Durable materials—anodized aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and more
  • Available in metric and inch
  • Many sizes available

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Seal Kits

To keep your cylinders and valves running smoothly, we offer complete seal kits for many of our popular product series, including our Global™, Multi-Power®, Multi-Power® Air-Press, Multi-Power® Square 1, Hi-Power™, Original Pancake® and Pancake® II cylinders.

  • Several bore sizes
  • Materials include Buna and Viton
  • Non-rotating rod seals available
  • Low-friction and low-temperature options
  • Valve accessories include replacement spools

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We offer LED-lit magnetic piston sensors, as well as cordsets and brackets, for use with our popular cylinder lines, including Multi-Power®, Hi-Power™, NFPA, F Series, Original Pancake®, Pancake® II and more.

  • Various cylinder bore sizes
  • Sensor types—electronic and reed
  • Round and dovetail profiles
  • Mounting accessories include tie rod and band clamps
  • Quick Disconnect style includes six-inch pigtail and male connector
  • Prewired style comes with nine-foot lead
  • Female cordsets (for Quick Disconnect sensors)—three- and four-pin configurations, as well as two- and five-meter lengths

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Breathers and Mufflers

We offer a standard range of breathers and mufflers that prevent particulates from entering cylinders, valves and air preparation products and also reduce the noise of exhausting air.

  • Brass body
  • 300 psi maximum pressure
  • Temperature range: 35° to 300° F
  • Sintered Bronze—90 microns (MB Series), 40 microns (MM Series) and 250 microns (Model SM-10)
  • Model SM-10 replaces the housing nut on 53 Style solenoid exhaust ports

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Wrench Flat Tool

Our wrench flat tool holds the piston rod of our Pancake® cylinders while installing or removing rod end tooling and attachments.

  • 0.09-inch thickness
  • Heat-treated
  • Plated steel
  • ¼, 3⁄16, 7⁄16, ½, ⅝ and ¾-inch flats


Rod Lock

We offer static rod locks that supplement air cylinders and guide rods. Units feature high clamping forces and require minimal air for release. We can also incorporate rod locks into our linear slides.

  • Low backlash
  • Large clamping surface
  • IP67 rated
  • 60 psi release pressure
  • ISO and NFPA sizes

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Vacuum Generator

Our compact and quiet vacuum generator produces high-quality vacuum levels from shop air for parts handling, chamber evacuation and other applications. Units contain no moving parts.

  • Safe in hazardous atmospheres
  • 1/8 NPT Air Supply Inlet and Vacuum Outlet
  • 1/4 NPT Exhaust Outlet
  • Air consumption: 4.8 SCFM at 80 psi inlet
  • Vacuum level: 28 Hg at 80 psi inlet

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