Electronics and Semiconductors

Lightweight, Precise and Reliable Pneumatics for Copy Exact Manufacturing

When it comes to the semiconductor and electronics industries, you need compact, reliable pneumatic parts that offer high precision and quality consistency in cleanroom environments. We’ve got you covered.

Durable materials achieve a long service life. To meet your specific media requirements, our cylinders, slides and valves incorporate durable materials, including aluminum and 303 and 3016 stainless steel—enabling smooth motion and long service life.

Compact sizes fit tight installations. From compact finger slides to low-profile cylinders, our pneumatic components are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for tight installations in laboratories and cleanrooms. Cylinders like our proven Pancake® line, for example, provide short strokes in a low-profile design. They also feature the longest possible stroke for the smallest package size—giving you the most bang for your buck.

To hold your workpieces firmly in place, we also supply compact, yet sturdy pneumatic and hydraulic swing clamps that rotate 90 degrees, providing easy clearance and access for loading and unloading operations.

Cylinders support Copy Exact manufacturing. Best of all, from laboratories to high-volume production environments, our pneumatic components never vary in performance or design—meeting your quality expectations for copy exact (CE) manufacturing. This means replacement cylinders will achieve the same technical and performance outputs as legacy parts—ensuring your entire manufacturing process is maintained without quality issues.

If one of our standard cylinders doesn’t fit your requirements, contact us for a specially designed model and enjoy the same short lead times as our off-the-shelf products.

Technical Advantages

Key Benefits
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • Compact sizes for tight installations
  • Cylinders support a Copy Exact manufacturing strategy
  • Various material systems for enhanced durability
  • Ability to customize standard products

Application Examples

  • PCB Assembly
  • Battery Manufacturing
  • Electronic Press Fitting
  • Clamping, Lifting, and Exact Positioning
  • Part loading and unloading
  • Wafer Manufacturing
  • Marking and Soldering
  • Testing

Featured Products

FGXS Series

FGXS Air Slide Table
Linear Slides

FDH Series

FDH Series
Compact Finger Slides

FML Series

FML and FHL Series
Swing Clamps

Original Pancake

Original Pancake®
Air Cylinder

Pancake II

Pancake II Standard
Air Cylinder

Square Pancake II

Square Pancake II
Air Cylinder