Cost-Effective NFPA and ISO Cylinders—Available Quickly

As an ISO 9001:2005 certified company, we support automotive OEMs and tier suppliers with quality pneumatic components that fulfill key industry requirements, including standard NFPA and ISO mounting specifications, short lead times and cost-effective price points.

Our ISO-certified pneumatics include our Series FAE and FAQ2R Cylinders, which comply with ISO 6432 and 6431 dimensional interchanges, respectively. Made in America, our NFPA Cylinders feature hard anodized aluminum tubes and self-lubricating piston rods, providing high corrosion resistance, low internal friction and longevity in all areas of the production process—from press shops to assembly lines.

With over half of our products manufactured as specialty items, we can modify all standard cylinders—including our Multi-Power® line, which delivers forces over 22 tons using only shop air. We’ve adapted this series for automotive applications to achieve higher forces and precision guiding. Units are also ideal for reverting, punching and crimping tasks.

In addition to our cylinders, we supply durable swing clamps with single- or double-sided clamp arms that extend in a straight line away from workpieces, providing plenty of space to load and unload parts.

Technical Advantages

Key Benefits
  • Cost-effective pneumatics
  • ISO 9001:2005 certification
  • NFPA and ISO standard interchanges
  • Durable aluminum and steel parts
  • Ability to customize standard products

Application Examples

  • Clamping and positioning for weld environments
  • Lifting and positioning for manipulators
  • Bending and shearing for brake and fuel lines
  • Pressing for assembly applications

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