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Why Multi-Power® Cylinders Are the Right Choice for Space-constrained, High-performance Applications

Why Multi-Power® Cylinders Are the Right Choice for Space-constrained, High-performance Applications

It can be difficult to achieve high thrust forces when using pneumatic cylinders in cramped environments — which is often the case in industries like packaging, medical and automotive manufacturing. As a workaround for these requirements, it’s common for engineers to implement a pneumatic cylinder with a larger bore size. However, this choice can be costly and require a complex or difficult installation process to accommodate the large cylinder body.

A more convenient and cost-efficient solution is to use a Multi-Power® cylinder — a multi-piston high-force actuator that boosts output thrust force when compared to a cylinder of the same footprint and air pressure. Let’s discuss the many features and advantages that make Multi-Power worthwhile.

How Multi-Power Works
Multi-Power actuators are an ideal choice when you need a tremendous amount of thrust from a modest amount of shop air. These actuators feature multiple pistons attached to a single rod running the length of the cylinder. Each piston is separated from the other with baffles and an integrated air channel which allows for airflow between each cylinder. When the cylinder is powered, all pistons are simultaneously pressurized, enabling a Multi-Power cylinder to deliver impressive thrust in a compact size. This thrust magnification is a consequence of the larger collective surface area that the air pressure acts upon.

Our advanced manufacturing allows us to incorporate the Multi-Power design with other product lines and apply its power-boosting performance to other applications.

Standard Multi-Power Features

  • Ten bore sizes from 1 ⅛-12 inches
  • Stroke lengths up to 12 inches
  • Available in two, three or four stages at 150 psi
  • Available in additional stages at lower pressure
  • Uses only one stage to return, saving air volume
  • Wide range of available customization options

A wide range of our standard pneumatic cylinders support the Multi-Power design, such as Pancake®, Square Pancake® II and NFPA. Additionally, we use Multi-Power in other applications, such as:

Compact, lightweight air presses. We can implement our Multi-Power design as an air press. These Multi-Power air presses are housed in a sturdy, precision framework consisting of high-strength aluminum frame plates with precision-located keyways and plated steel keys, offering accurate alignment and high rigidity.

All standard Multi-Power features are still included in the air press design, including a hard-anodized aluminum body and hard chrome-plated stainless steel piston rods to ensure reliable operation. A long-length, high-performance composite rod bearing provides additional accuracy and reliability while pre-lubrication with Magnalube-G® grease extends product life.

These air presses deliver extraordinary thrust forces, power factor and accuracy within a lightweight, portable and space-saving design so they can be used anywhere tremendous strength and precision are essential.

Multi-Power boosters. Multi-Power can enable air-powered machines to take advantage of the greater rigidity and smoother control of hydraulics by using shop air to raise the pressure of another gas or liquid. These boosters are ideal for applications that require relatively small volumes of high-pressure fluid intermittently, providing an alternative to continuously running hydraulic systems.

They’re also ideal at maintaining high pressure for prolonged periods. After the booster strokes, there is no additional required energy input and no heat buildup. Boosters operate with up to 150 psi shop air or other compatible gas, and the output can be oil, liquid, air or gas. In this Multi-Power implementation, multiple pistons compress the output media to raise the output pressure up to 500 psi. When properly specified for bore size, stroke, power factor and regulating input air pressure, a Multi-Power booster can maintain precise output pressure and volume.

Increasing Power Where You Need It
Multi-Power actuators provide excellent power without taking up much room while relying on standard shop air pressures. Because of their simple principle and design, Multi-Powers are applicable across a wide range of packaging and production applications.

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