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The Light-duty F-Series Offers High Performance in a Compact Package

The Light-duty F-Series Offers High Performance in a Compact Package

Light-duty pneumatic actuators don’t usually provide the performance and reliability necessary to withstand harsh operating conditions and achieve high throughput — both of which are common requirements for food and beverage, automotive and packaging applications. Most air cylinders will break down or underperform, leading to costly downtime.

Fortunately, our F Series of light-duty cylinders overcomes these challenges by providing an economical, durable and easy-to-install pneumatic actuator for tough applications.

Cost-effective and Easy Interchangeability
Deploying an F Series cylinder is an effective way to remain within the constraints of tight budgets without sacrificing performance. In fact, these cylinders are so economical, it is more cost-effective to purchase a new model rather than repair an old one at the end of its long service life. And, F Series units are directly interchangeable with other leading pneumatic cylinder brands — bore for bore and option for option.

Durable, Long-lasting Performance
The maintenance-free F Series is pre-lubricated with a special petroleum-based lubricant, ensuring a longer lifespan than most cylinders of the same class. For even greater durability, the design features a 304 stainless steel tube that is drawn and polished, reducing friction and boosting service life. It also features a high-strength aluminum piston and 303 stainless steel, ground, polished and roller-burnished rods.

Thanks to its excellent durability, F Series cylinders can endure harsh washdown environments. Each cylinder is equipped with Buna-N U-cup rod and piston seals to ensure it remains free of debris and other contaminants. These light-duty cylinders also offer a high degree of performance with fast response times, thanks to full-flow ports and cross-slots on each end cap. This design allows air to quickly pass to the entire seal and piston area.

Modifications Available
While there are many standard options available, some high-precision applications may require a modified cylinder. We offer many modifications to our F Series units, such as extended stroke lengths or magnetic piston options for cylinder positioning sensing. F Series cylinders are also available with stainless steel end caps for harsh washdown environments.

Quick Specifications

  • Available in 10 bore sizes from 9/16 to 3 inches
  • Standard stroke lengths up to 32 inches
  • Pressure rated to 250 psi pneumatic service

Check out the F Series product page for more information.