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Pneumatic Components Help Packaging Operations Meet Aggressive Production Targets

Pneumatic Components Help Packaging Operations Meet Aggressive Production Targets

In the high-speed, high-volume packaging industry, automated systems and robots are used widely to maximize output and efficiency. If you’re building or upgrading packaging machines and systems to keep pace with aggressive production goals, the components you choose must provide precise, reliable, around-the-clock operation and satisfy your load and speed requirements.

Fabco-Air offers a wide range of robust, high-performance pneumatic slides, cylinders and grippers to help manufacturers of palletizers, conveyors and pick-and-place robots keep their high-speed machines running and ensure continuous uptime. They offer exceptional durability for harsh industrial environments, excellent repeatability and they can satisfy a wide range of size, speed and budget requirements. Highlights of the product lineup include:

  • Linear Slides. Whether you have a packaging machine that requires simple positioning or a multi-axis robotic system in an automated environment, you’ll find the right linear slide in our broad lineup. For example, the L Series offers a good load-handling capacity; the S Series is both economical and compact in size; and the SE Series has a compact size and exhibits no play.
  • Pneumatic Cylinders. Fabco-Air is well-known for compact cylinders with short stroke lengths that accommodate space-constrained automated systems. On top of that, Fabco has much more to offer including stainless-steel crimped cylinders, NFPA actuators and more. Many of our cylinders are available in double-acting versions, which are ideal for pushing and pulling tasks like feeding, lifting, lowering and sorting. They’re also built tough with several offering composite cylinder walls and rod bushings, stainless steel piston rods and internally lubricated captive rod and piston seals for long life. Food-grade and wash down cylinders are also available.
  • Parallel Grippers. When it comes to pick-and-place machines, part ejection equipment and end-of-arm tooling for robotic systems, parallel grippers are hard to beat. We offer a variety of jaw styles and size ranges to adapt to any application or load requirement.
  • Custom Products as Specials. If our standard parts don’t quite meet your application’s requirements, we can modify our slides and cylinders to deliver the higher forces, faster speeds and longer strokes you need. In fact, almost half our business comes from specially modified products. And, we can design, prototype and deliver custom samples within 72 hours, which is important for operations like packaging where downtime is not an option.

Maximize Equipment Uptime

Fast, efficient packaging operations depend on machines that run continuously and smoothly. Be sure to partner with a company that provides a wide range of strong, reliable and precise pneumatic components that can handle high loads and meet challenging production goals. Fabco-Air pneumatic components offer high performance, reliability, repeatability and customization options that allow your packaging equipment to maximize your equipment’s uptime and bolster your bottom line.

For more information about Fabco-Air pneumatic components for packaging equipment, visit our industry page.