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Pancake® Cylinders Are Anything But Standard

Pancake® Cylinders Are Anything But Standard

When it comes to pneumatics, sometimes you need a component with improved or different capabilities from what a standard component can provide. That’s why at Fabco-Air, we offer many customization options on our standard product lines to ensure you receive exactly what you need for your application. One of our most often-modified products is our Pancake® air cylinder, which we can customize in many ways for a wide range of uses. Here are some of the modifications we can make to a Pancake cylinder:

Different Materials, Better Protection
We can alter the material construction of our Pancake cylinders to accommodate different operating environments. For example, food processing applications may require chemically resistant equipment to withstand the corrosive fluids used in washdowns, so we offer stainless steel or Delrin® plastic bodies and end caps to protect the cylinder.

Options for Tight Spaces
We also offer single- or double-acting cylinder configurations and different shaft adjustment options including the thread type, size and length as well as piston rod length. We can also incorporate adjustable stop collars or our Dial-A-Stroke® technology to limit the stroke length.

Non-Rotating Applications
During operation, cylinders typically rotate as they cycle back and forth. We provide non-rotating options, either internal, external or both, to prevent piston rod rotation.

Options for More Suitable Seals
Effective seals are necessary to contain compressed air in the cylinder and keep dust and dirt from entering. We can customize the Pancake cylinder’s internal and external seals to increase the part’s durability. Our standard seal material is nitrile, while optional Viton™ is ideal for cylinders that must withstand high temperature environments.

Minimizing Impact and Noise
Impacts at the end of each stroke can shorten a cylinder’s lifetime and generate a lot of noise. We offer bumpers that mitigate these impacts, reduce noise and minimize component wear. We can also add magnetic pistons to Pancake cylinders to provide output signals to other systems and equipment. For example, a double-acting cylinder equipped with piston magnets can signal the cylinder’s position to other parts or controllers.

This wide variety of customization options for our Pancake cylinders extends to the rest of our products with few limitations. To get started, request a quote.