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NFPA Interchangeable Pneumatic Cylinders Support a Wide Range of Available Bore Sizes, Mountings and Options

NFPA Interchangeable Pneumatic Cylinders Support a Wide Range of Available Bore Sizes, Mountings and Options

If you can’t find the exact NFPA cylinder you need in our catalog, we will make it for you. Not only are our NFPA cylinders directly interchangeable with other manufacturers’ products of the same type and dimensions, our advanced manufacturing capabilities enable us to modify a pneumatic cylinder to meet your exact requirements.

Basic NFPA Cylinder Features

  • Bore sizes from 1-1/2 to 6 inches
  • Stroke lengths up to 99 inches
  • Anodized aluminum heads and caps
  • Anodized (ID) aluminum tubes
  • Standard or oversize rod diameters
  • Multiple rod end styles
  • Standard pressure up to 250 psi (air)
  • Standard Buna (nitrile) seals with optional seal materials

Diverse Mounting Options
For installation ease and flexibility, our NFPA cylinders support over 17 different mounting styles including rectangular flange, clevis, eye, angle and lug mounts. Both the clevis and eye mounts are available as detachable options. We also can extend the tie rods or tap holes into the head and cap.

Here is a closer look at the available performance-enhancing NFPA cylinder options.

Noise Reduction and Cushion Options
Our silent seal bumper (SB) option uses engineered seals that reduce noise levels at the end of stroke impact and minimize shock and vibration as the cylinder comes to a stop. This option is available on 1-1/2 to 5-inch bore sizes. When using a silent seal bumper, as much as 80% of the cylinder load can be absorbed by this option alone. The remaining 20% of the load is decelerated by a fixed or adjustable cushion.

Fixed or Adjustable Cushion Options
Fixed or adjustable cushion orifices are available to help decelerate the cylinder load to its final stop. With a fixed cushion orifice, adjustment is not necessary. Specifying an adjustable cushion allows for adjustment or fine tuning based on cylinder load and speed. You can also specify optional cushion adjustment locations to allow for easier access.

Oversized Rod Diameter and Rod End Options
Standard rod diameters are specified with NFPA cylinders and oversized rod diameters are available to strengthen load carrying capabilities. We also offer various NFPA designated rod end styles.

Optional Port Sizes and Locations
The NFPA cylinder comes standard with port sizes to match the bore size. Optional port sizes and locations can be specified to meet your requirements.

Magnetic Piston Option
For various switch-use options (solid state, reed switch, etc.) a magnetic band is installed on the piston with the “E” option.

Long-lasting Material Choices
Our NFPA cylinders are durable and built to last because we utilize high-quality materials, ensuring success across a wide range of harsh environments. The cylinder’s head and cap are machined from solid aluminum blocks and black anodized for excellent corrosion resistance. Depending on your specifications, we can incorporate other material options such as stainless steel or composite tubes as well as stainless steel rods and tie rods to boost cylinder longevity.

Custom Cylinder Options and Design
When specifying an NFPA cylinder on our product line configurator, you can access all the above options as well as additional options. If there is a special requirement that is not listed, please reach out to Fabco-Air Customer Service or Engineering for help.

Improved Lead Times
Improving our manufacturing capabilities and streamlining our delivery process has enabled us to reduce lead times, ensuring you receive your cylinders as fast as possible. For custom cylinder designs, please reach out to Fabco-Air Customer Service or Engineering to enquire on delivery capabilities.

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