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How Cylinders Support Copy Exact Manufacturing in Semiconductor Applications

How Cylinders Support Copy Exact Manufacturing in Semiconductor Applications

When it comes to semiconductor applications, you need pneumatic components that offer high precision and reliability in a compact package. They should also conform to the Copy Exactly! standards prevalent in the industry, ensuring performance and quality consistency across the entire operation.

Let’s take a closer look at these features, which can help you select the right pneumatic parts for semiconductor equipment:

What is Copy Exact Manufacturing?

To ensure uniformity and consistency across the entire process, many semiconductor manufacturers have adopted a Copy Exact (CE) production strategy. This means new or replacement pneumatic cylinders must exhibit functional and physical interchangeability with each other, achieving the same technical and performance outputs as legacy parts. This method ensures components never vary from their original design and guarantees your manufacturing process is maintained without any quality issues.

From laboratories to high-volume production environments, look for cylinders that meet the demands of CE manufacturing. For example, our proven Pancake® cylinders—with all their features, material options and sizes—never vary in performance or design, leading to consistent end-products every time.

Durable Materials in a Compact Package

To meet your specific media requirements, cylinders, linear slides and valves should incorporate durable materials like aluminum and stainless steel, both of which enable smooth motion and longevity in semiconductor equipment. In addition, look for pneumatic parts that feature a lightweight, compact design—making them ideal for tight installation spaces.

Our Pancake® cylinders, for example, provide short strokes in a low-profile design. They also feature the longest possible stroke for the smallest package size.

Standard and Custom Cylinders—When You Need Them

With over half of our pneumatic products designed as specialty models, contact us today if one of our standard cylinders doesn’t fit your requirements. Best of all, you’ll still enjoy the same short lead times as our off-the-shelf products.

To learn more about our Pancake cylinders, please visit our product page.