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Food-Friendly Cylinders Are Ready To Go

If your application requires washdown-resistant pneumatic cylinders, and you need them fast, Fabco-Air can help. We offer an extensive lineup of standard pneumatic cylinders as well as tailor-made solutions for food and beverage equipment. These cylinders include food-friendly versions of our popular Pancake®, F-Series and NFPA cylinders.

For use in or near food contact zones, which are subject to consistent washdowns, we produce versions of these standard products constructed entirely of stainless steel as well as corrosion-resistant Delrin®. The cylinders feature corrosion-resistant seals and FDA-approved lubricants. Many of our food-friendly actuators are standard models, ensuring the fast delivery times that the food industry demands. We can also quickly manufacture special products in stainless steel or Delrin® if one of our standard products doesn’t meet your requirements.

Check out the video for a look at some of your options.