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Corrosion-resistant Cylinders Deliver Excellent Performance in Wet Environments

Corrosion-resistant Cylinders Deliver Excellent Performance in Wet Environments

Pneumatic cylinders operating in harsh industrial environments like food and beverage or automotive plants are frequently exposed to moisture. If not properly protected from these conditions, the machine parts will wear quickly and malfunction. Implementing durable, corrosion-resistant cylinders — like the F Series — will avoid these issues, minimizing your maintenance needs, replacement costs and downtime.

Highly Durable Construction
The F Series is a compact, light-duty cylinder consisting of stainless steel components that provide excellent corrosion resistance. Its 304 stainless steel tube is drawn and polished to reduce friction. In addition, its high-strength aluminum piston and 303 stainless steel ground, polished and roller-burnished rods ensure a longer lifespan than most cylinders of the same class. Pre-lubricated with a special petroleum-based lubricant, F Series cylinders also deliver maintenance-free operation.

Thanks to their durability, F Series cylinders can endure harsh washdown environments with ease. Each cylinder is also equipped with Buna-N U-cup rod and piston seals, ensuring it remains free of debris and other contaminants.

Need Even More Corrosion Resistance?
While a standard F Series cylinder provides corrosion resistance right out of the box, we understand that some advanced applications require even greater protection. For these reasons, F Series cylinders are available with many custom modifications to take their environmental protection to the next level.

For example, we can modify the cylinders to have an entire stainless steel construction — so both internal and external components are well protected from moisture. Instead of high-grade stainless steel, the F Series can also be constructed with Delrin®, which excels at withstanding the caustic washdown fluids used in food and beverage processing.

Easy, Economical Interchanges
Beyond its durability, the F Series features qualities that make it ideal for light-duty operations with tight budgets. In fact, these cylinders are so economical, it is more cost-effective to buy a new model than repair an old one at the end of its long service life.

To make replacement easier, all units are directly interchangeable with other leading pneumatic cylinder brands — bore for bore and option for option. They also offer high performance with fast response times, thanks to full-flow ports and cross-slots on each end cap. This design allows air to quickly pass to the entire seal and piston area.

F Series cylinders are rated to 250 psi pneumatic service and are available in ten bore sizes from 9/16 to 3 inches with standard stroke lengths up to 32 inches.

To learn more, read our white paper.