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Choosing Reliable Cylinders for Fast-Moving Web Processes

Choosing Reliable Cylinders for Fast-Moving Web Processes

Printing, converting and papermaking machines operate at breakneck line speeds around the clock. From laminating films to converting large parent rolls, you can’t afford to halt these processes due to a faulty pneumatic cylinder. Instead, you need cylinders that can provide the reliability and long lifespan required by these demanding web processes.

Durable, Powerful and On Time

Printing, converting and papermaking machines need durable cylinders that are built to last despite long hours of operation. Look for cylinders that integrate durable materials like aluminum and stainless steel, which will maximize cylinder performance and longevity in 24/7 printing processes. An example is our popular NFPA Standard Actuator Series, which incorporates hard chrome plated stainless steel piston rods, as well as a high performance composite rod bearing for maximum load bearing support and superb wear resistance.

Other durable features include:

  • Pre-lubrication using  special petroleum-based oil for long, maintenance-free performance.
  • Roll-formed rod threads at both ends, which provide strength for connections.
  • Buna-N rod and piston seals lower friction and compensate for wear, leading to long cycle life (optional low- and high-temperature seals available).

And for web processes that require higher forces and minimal floor space, our Multi-Power® Cylinders deliver forces comparable to low-pressure hydraulics—up to 22 tons. Choose from a variety of sizes, configurations and options, including Dial-A-Stroke®, which precisely adjusts strokes by 0.050 to 0.071 inches depending on your cylinder size.

Reap Even More Benefits With Custom Features

Sometimes your printing or converting applications may require custom cylinder features. If that’s the case, we can easily modify one of our standard models to withstand particulates, handle higher cycle rates—and more. And best of all, we offer short lead times on all standard and custom units, ensuring your fast-moving web processes run with minimal downtime.

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