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Car Wash Success Starts With the Right Air Cylinder Partner

Car Wash Success Starts With the Right Air Cylinder Partner

In the thriving car wash industry, idle time due to lack of critical components like pneumatic actuators can mean lost sales and opportunities. As you build or retrofit facilities, you no doubt want to invest in the latest systems and equipment to exceed customer expectations and outshine the competition. But when you install these innovative systems, your success still depends on tried-and-true components like air cylinders. This blog post will describe why Fabco-Air pneumatic cylinders are an excellent choice for car wash operations of any size.

Pneumatic actuators are clean, low-maintenance and cost-effective. Thanks to these benefits, you will likely have to specify many pneumatic actuators in just one facility. And when you’re building or retrofitting several facilities at once, it pays to have your ideal cylinders on-site and ready for installation when you need them. Otherwise, returns on your capital investments are deferred and potential customers go elsewhere. Across multiple locations, these lost opportunities add up. That’s where Fabco-Air comes in.

As a leader in the pneumatics industry, we offer several air cylinders that are well-suited for car wash applications. In fact, many of the largest car wash equipment manufacturers and suppliers count on our air cylinders for their customers. Our quality cylinder products are used in a diversity of car wash systems, providing motion control for rollers and the mechanical arms on brushes as well as powering tire and wheel cleaning equipment, to name a few.

Our diverse portfolio of pneumatic cylinders for car washes includes both tie-rod style actuators as well as round-profile actuators. Both styles are NFPA interchangeable, allowing for fast, easy replacement of other NFPA compatible cylinders. These actuators feature durable, anodized aluminum construction and can be outfitted with rod scrapers as well as rod wipers that keep soaps and chemicals outside the cylinder. Unlike many other cylinder manufacturers that only use raw aluminum, we provide scrapers and wipers in either metallic or urethane versions. We also excel at customizing air cylinders to application needs, such as for unique car wash requirements.

All standard and custom cylinders are available in high volumes. Thanks to our streamlined manufacturing processes and fully automated lights-out manufacturing capabilities, we can fulfill orders with industry-leading speed.

Fabco-Air Shines Through for Car Wash Operations
Selecting the right air cylinder is critical to machine availability, so it’s important to partner with a company that has a wide range of products, along with the experience and expertise to modify them to your requirements. At Fabco-Air, our expansive air cylinder portfolio and expertise make us perfectly suited to provide the right pneumatic product for your car wash systems and equipment. Not only will you find a broad, readily available range of air cylinders, we also offer the technical know-how to modify them as specials to meet your needs and get them to you fast.

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