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Air Preparation Products Keep Pneumatic Systems at Peak Performance

Air Preparation Products Keep Pneumatic Systems at Peak Performance

When designing and building a pneumatic system for your industrial applications, keep in mind that even the most durable, highest-performance components will suffer from sub-optimal performance and damage that will reduce their expected life if the compressed air is of poor quality. Compressed air entering the system contains particles that can, for instance, damage seals in valves and cylinders. Water can also compromise systems by washing away lubricants. And, the compressed air must be at the right pressure. Any of these conditions can cause critical equipment to fail prematurely.

If you want to get the best performance and longest life out of the equipment throughout your pneumatic system, air preparation is a must. Various individual components and combination units can help you ensure proper air quality. For example, filter-regulator-lubricator (FRL) units are among the most common components, and their modularity allows designers to create the right combination for the system. Here’s an overview of some of the air preparation products that can keep pneumatic systems clean and functioning, using Fabco-Air products as examples:

  • Filters. Filters can remove particles before they can contaminate and compromise components around your system. Certain models remove materials down to 5µ, making them an effective first line of defense.
  • Regulators. Make sure your clean air is at the right pressure throughout your system. Fabco’s FA user-adjustable regulators feature a square embedded pressure gauge with psi scale and one MBCR-type mounting bracket and panel nut.
  • Lubricators. These units inject a small amount of oil into your system to keep downstream components running smoothly by reducing wear and preventing corrosion.
  • FRLs. Filter-regulator-lubricator units offer comprehensive air management while making efficient use of space.
  • Combinations. Air preparation products can be combined into two-in-one and three-in-one units to suit your space and budget requirements.
  • Custom/Special. If standard or combination air preparation products don’t match your system’s needs, Fabco can create custom units as specials. In fact, we specialize in modified products.

Filters, regulators and lubricators are available with a wide range of NPT port sizes and operate at up to 145 psi of pressure. In addition, Fabco’s lineup of preparation products also features mist separators and micro-mist separators that remove particles as small as 0.01 µ, plus a full range of valves to keep personnel safe including lockout-tagout, soft-start and quick exhaust valves.

Ensure System Reliability and Safety

Air quality is critical for your pneumatic system’s productivity and reliability. In order to get the most from your pneumatic systems and ensure long operating lifetimes for components, you must maintain the right air pressure and protect against contamination and moisture. Fabco-Air offers a broad lineup of air preparation products that will keep your pneumatic systems running smoothly and safely.

For more information about Fabco’s air preparation products, visit our product page.