Hex Body and Miniature Modular Manifolded Poppet Valves

53 Style

2-, 3- and 4-Way 53-Style Valves

The Hex Body 53 Style is a 2- or 3-way solenoid valve available as Normally Open or Normally Closed in three different porting styles. Compatible with air, water and other fluids with standard Buna-N seals, these valves have a variety of options available to best suit your application. Explosion-proof coils are available for this model.

Also available in both single or multiple manifold versions, the Multiple Manifold Miniature 53 Style Valve allows you to combine multiple functions and ports to save time, money and space. Available with 10-32 or ⅛ NPT ports, this series includes pressure manifold plugging, allowing for multiple pressures and medias to be controlled at once.

Key Specifications

  • Hex aluminum, black anodized
  • Air, water and other fluids compatible with standard Buna-N seals
  • Operating pressure: 40 to 150 psi
  • Operating temperature: 0° to +150° F
  • Cv: 0.055 to 0.230 SCFM free flow to atmosphere at 80 psi supply
Technical Advantages
  • Viton™ seals
  • ⅛ inch NPT adapter
  • Explosion-proof coil
  • Pro-CoatTM (electroless nickel plate)
  • Spade electrical connections

Application Examples

  • Hydraulic braking systems
  • Vehicle transmissions
  • Heavy machinery hydraulics
  • Medical dispensing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing and testing

Custom Solutions