High Flow Spool Valves

12, 12A, 12B and 38 Series

⅜ and ½ Inch NPT Ported 2-, 3- and 4-Way, 2- and 3- Position Valves

The 12, 12A, 12B and 38 Series directional control valves offer you a number of customization options. These long-lived valves are constructed out of lightweight aluminum with hard anodized aluminum spools. Constructed simply for easy servicing and installation, the valves come in the following operations:

  • Single and double solenoid operated
  • Pilot operated
  • Hand lever operated
  • Push-pull operated
  • Treadle operated

With multiple catalog and custom options, 12, 12A, 12B and 38 Series valves can fit a number of applications.

Key Specifications

  • Aluminum bar body and operator blocks
  • Hard anodized aluminum spool
  • Static Buna-N seals with dynamic spool
  • Operation to 150 psi
  • Pre-lubed with Magnalube-G® grease
  • Spool “lands” double tapered and polished to assure long valve life
  • High flow option available
Technical Advantages
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to + 180° F
  • Cv: 2.2 to 6.2
  • Spool cushioned with Delrin®-Urethane bumper combination that absorbs shock but does not bounce the spool
  • Parts anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Simple construction for easy servicing

Application Examples

  • Hydraulic braking systems
  • Vehicle transmissions
  • Heavy machinery hydraulics
  • Medical dispensing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing and testing
  • Manual process actuation
  • Sorting
  • Part assembly

Custom Solutions