Twin Shaft Linear Slide

TS Series

High Load Capacity in a Space-Saving Design

The TS Series Pneumatic Linear Slide features a twin-shaft, air or hydraulic powered integral slide system with maximum operating pressure of 150 psi (air or oil-based hydraulics). Because the slide is built into the cylinder, the TS Series is well suited for space-constrained applications. Featuring a high load capacity, the TS Series is designed with two linear ball bearings at each end of the cylinder to provide no-play precision motion. The cylinder tube, end caps and piston are built from aluminum alloy materials, and the linear ball bearings are full steel.

Built-in reliability features include o-rings to provide a positive tool seal and precise mechanical joint, and guided piston shafts eliminate piston-to-cylinder contact that could otherwise cause scuffing. TS Series Pneumatic Linear Slides come in six bore sizes from 1-¼ to 4 inches, guide shaft diameters from ¼ to 1 inch and standard strokes up to 20 inches in 1-inch increments. Customers can also choose from a variety of accessories and tooling options.

Key Specifications

  • Hard-coated aluminum cylinder tube.
  • Case-hardened and ground guide shafts (stainless steel available).
  • High-performance sealed linear ball bearings (composite bearings available).
  • High-strength precision machined aluminum end cap.
  • Buna-N U-Cup rod and piston seals (Viton available).
  • Reed switches, Hall effect sensors and proximity switches available.
  • Air cushions available on 2-inch bore and larger models.
  • Many options and accessories available.
Technical Advantages
  • This linear ball bearing slide is built into the air cylinder.
  • Well-suited for space-constrained applications.
  • High load capacity.
  • No-play precision motion.
  • Many tooling options available.

Application Examples

  • Industrial automation, assembly and packaging
    • Robotics
    • Pick & place machinery
    • Thin parts placers
    • Pallet lift stations
  • Automotive
  • Medical imaging

Custom Solutions