Robust Ball Bearing Slides

SE and EZ Series

Simple Interchangeable Slides With Precision and Durability

When your design calls for a linear slide with precision motion, you may expect to sacrifice durability. Our SE and EZ Series of single- and double-bearing block linear slides can eliminate those trade-offs.

SE Series linear slides — a space-saving version of the EZ Series slide for equipment with moderate side load requirements — are powered by a built-in bearing block that houses four linear ball bearings at each end to deliver precise motion with no play.

Rugged, cost-effective EZ Series slides are built with the guide shafts positioned at either side of the integral air cylinder to resist torsional loads, and the bearings are spaced further apart as stroke increases for exceptional load capacity. SE and EZ slides can be combined to create a custom two-axis EZ unit for maximum flexibility.

Each series has a rugged design that includes a hard-coated aluminum cylinder tube, hard chrome-plated 303 stainless steel piston rod and a choice of case hardened and ground or stainless steel guide shaft.

Key Specifications

  • Wide range of sizes:
    • SE Series: ½ to 2 ½ inch bore sizes. Strokes range from ½ to 4 inches by ½ inch increments to 8 to 20 inches by 2 inch increments
    • EZ Series: ½ to 3 ¼ inch bore sizes. Strokes range from ½ to 4 inches by ½ inch increments to 2 to 30 inches by 2 inch increments
  • Space-saving design (SE Series)
  • Hard-coated aluminum cylinder tube
  • Hard chrome-plated 303 stainless steel piston rod
  • Buna-N U-Cup rod and piston seals (Viton available)
  • Guide shaft available: case hardened and ground or stainless steel
  • Sealed or composite linear ball bearings
  • Options and accessories: Reed switches, Hall effect sensors, proximity switches, snap action SPDT electrical switches and air pilot switches
Technical Advantages
  • Rugged, clear anodized, aluminum cylinders and pre-loaded, sealed linear ball bearings provide play-free and near play-free operation, depending on the model.
  • SE and EZ Series piston rod design eliminates side loads, increasing cylinder seal life and improving performance.
  • All like SE models can be joined together to create a two-axis motion device using standard toolbars.
  • All like SE and EZ units (except the 250 Models) can be combined.
  • The EZ Series integral air cylinder end caps serve as rugged housings for the linear ball bearings. As the stroke increases, the pairs of bearings become spaced further apart, increasing bearing load capacity.

Application Examples

  • Robotics
  • Pick & place machinery
  • Thin parts placers
  • Pallet lift stations
  • Medical imaging

Custom Solutions