Pneumatic Crimping Tools

300 Series

Automated Tools To Help You Work More Quickly, Reliably and Consistently

Fabco-Air 300 Series pneumatic power tools automate the crimp installation process. Available as handheld or bench-mounted units, these pneumatic power tools allow users to crimp quickly and create uniformly repeatable, reliable connections, time after time with less fatigue. The result: quality assembly and increased productivity.

Our crimping tools operate using 85 to 150 psi pneumatic pressure, and custom jaws are available as specials. The 300 Series is available in two models:

Model BCT-300 Bench Mount Tool With Control Box

This bench-mounted model is actuated by a foot-operated control box. Foot pressure opens the jaws to load the workpiece and closes them to hold the part securely. A second valve actuates a force-multiplying pneumatic cylinder to power the jaw to the closed position to crimp, swage, cut or perform a variety of other operations. An adjustable pressure sensing valve can create various closing jaw forces.

Model PHT-300 Portable Tool

Delivering the same power as the bench mount model, this lightweight, handheld tool runs on shop air pressure and accommodates the various jaws required for the job. A white button at the top of the handle operates the jaws to receive and hold the parts, and dual triggers allow left or right hand gloveless operation. PHT-300 is also ergonomically balanced at the triggers, making it easy to use with less operator fatigue.

Key Specifications

Technical Advantages
  • Automated tools produce fast, uniform connections with less operator fatigue.
  • The jaws are spring-loaded normally closed for safety.
  • The tools and control box are lightweight, allowing them to be used remotely or in a central work bench area.
  • A positive cycle system ensures reliably repeatable operations.
  • Power heads can be interchanged in less than a minute.
  • Model PHT-300 can be operated with only one hand using an easy, two-finger trigger with or without gloves.
  • An optional booster accessory can increase the supply air pressure to your desired level, and it installs quickly.


Application Examples

  • Plumbing assemblies
  • Wire and cable assembly splicing
  • Electrical terminals and connectors
  • Swaging mechanical fasteners
  • Staking, punching, piercing and flaring subassembly components
  • Sealing, embossing and notching assemblies
  • Special clamping and holding assemblies
  • Small medical device crimping
  • Fuel lines
  • Special custom applications