180-Degree Angular Gripper

FKHW Series

Rack-and-Pinion Design Enables Precise Synchronization

When a space is too tight for even the smallest parallel gripper to fully open, the FKHW Series of angled grippers can step in. These grippers are perfect for applications that feature oddly shaped loads, or slightly larger workpieces. The series has a rack-and-pinion design that enables synchronization, a useful tool when multiple grippers are needed.

The FKHW Series can open to 180 degrees, useful for when vertical space is limited. The aluminum body is hard-coated to resist corrosion while the gripping fingers are heat-treated and the bearings are sealed to ensure lasting longevity. The FKHW Series’ compact design is perfect for applications that use very little space but require great precision.

Key Specifications

  • Available in three bore sizes: 20, 25 and 32 millimeters
  • Operating pressure ranges from 22 psi to 101 psi
  • Operating media: compressed air
  • Repeatability: ±0.2mm
  • Maximum operating frequency is 60 c.p.m
  • Effective Gripping Force: 5.1 lbf at 87 psi
Technical Advantages
  • Magnetic piston is standard.
  • Integrated sensor slots in the gripper body enable easy mounting of sensors for both “open” and “closed” position sensing.
  • Aluminum gripper body is hard-coated to ensure abrasion and to combat corrosion.
  • No additional lubrication is required.

Application Examples

  • Part ejection: In plastic injection molding, grippers can be used for parts removal.
  • Part handling: As the load moves through the workpiece, grippers are used to handle and move the object as needed with greater precision when compared to parallel grippers.
  • Clamping and rotating: Angled grippers are able to clamp down on objects in the same way that two fingers can pinch, rotating objects as needed.