Toggle Type Angular Gripper

FKHT Series

Toggle-Type Gripper Supports Heavy Workloads

The FKHT Series features an extra measure of safety — a toggle mechanism that will securely hold the workload if the air pressure drops. With five tapped mounting holes, you have a high degree of installation freedom. Pair these grippers with 9C49-style sensors for surge suppression, polarity protection, LED indication and extremely fast switching speeds. This series does well in hazardous conditions and with heavy workpieces.

Key Specifications

  • Available in four bore sizes: 32, 40, 50 and 63 millimeters
  • Operating pressure ranges: 15 to 100 psi
  • Operating media: compressed air
  • Opening: -2 to 28°
  • Effective Gripping Force at 58 psi:
    • 32 mm bore: 22 lbf
    • 40 mm bore: 44 lbf
    • 50 mm bore: 67 lbf
    • 63 mm bore: 89 lbf


Technical Advantages
  • Tapped mounting holes on four different surfaces
  • Magnetic piston standard
  • Integrated sensor slots in gripper body: easy sensor mounting for both “open” and “closed” position sensing
  • Hard-coated aluminum gripper body: ensures abrasion, combats corrosion
  • No additional lubrication required


Application Examples

  • Injection molding part ejection
  • Finished part handling
  • Clamping, rotating and positioning
  • Capping/Decapping
  • Pick and place
  • Product assembly