High Force Angular Grippers

FKHC Series

Second Piston Supplies Additional Force

The FKHC Series of angled grippers are lightweight and can provide a very high force. Ideal for applications that require movement in tight, confined spaces, the largest gripper in this series weighs only 11 ounces.

These grippers have a unique additional piston that provides extra force when pressure is applied, enhancing synchronization. Adjustable needle valves control the speed of jaw motion to best suit any number of applications.

Key Specifications

  • Operating pressure ranges from 30 psi to 87 psi.
  • Operating media is compressed air.
  • Opening: -10 to 30°
  • Effective Gripping Force at 72 psi:
    • 10mm Bore: 1.1 lbf
    • 16mm Bore: 4.5 lbf
    • 20mm Bore: 8.3 lbf
    • 25mm Bore: 15.7 lbf
Technical Advantages
  • Available in four bore sizes: 10, 16, 20 and 25 millimeters.
  • Magnetic piston is standard.
  • Standard adjustable needle valve to control open/close speed.
  • Integrated sensor slots in the gripper body enable easy mounting of sensors for both “open” and “closed” position sensing.
  • Aluminum gripper body is hard-coated to ensure abrasion and to combat corrosion.
  • No additional lubrication is required.

Application Examples

  • Part ejection: During the final stage of thermoplastic mold injection, grippers can be used to hold the part of the mold for easier ejection of the finished product.
  • Part handling: As the load moves through the workpiece, grippers are used to handle and move the object as needed with greater precision when compared to parallel grippers.
  • Clamping and rotating: Angled grippers are able to clamp down on objects in the same way that two fingers can pinch, rotating objects as needed.