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Providing Reliable Pneumatics Systems for Over 60 Years

A mainstay of the pneumatics industry for over 60 years, Fabco-Air has devoted decades to helping our customers build the best possible machines. While we are primarily known for compact pneumatics that deliver high forces, we've also produced an array of quality grippers, valves, sensors, slides, actuators and more. Our catalog provides simple solutions for difficult applications.

We provide more than high quality components. Our wide range of stocking distributors throughout the US and over 30 international distributors work to make sure lead times are short without sacrificing quality. Do you have design problems? We can help. Fabco-Air will quickly design and prototype your custom solution.

Fabco-Air features a long history and a dedicated staff, and that devotion shows in the quality of our products.

Company History

Founded in 1958 by Alfred W. Schmidt, Fabco-Air originally opened for business in Cleveland, Ohio. The Original Pancake® Air Cylinder debuted and quickly became the leading product in the compact air cylinders market, a position it would retain for the next 60 years and beyond. This cylinder is often imitated but never matched, and it continues to offer the same customization options, features and strength that it did from the moment it was invented.

In 1970, Fabco-Air moved its operations to Gainesville, Florida. Since then, the factory has expanded to over 61,000 square feet and supports every aspect of the business, from production to research and development and much more. As the company grew, so did Fabco-Air's list of products. In 1986, Fabco-Air's products made their debut on the silver screen in the movie "Short Circuit"as the neck of the Johnny 5 robot. In 1996, Fabco-Air acquired Mills' Specialty Products, adding slides to our already growing list of pneumatics. We now offer a complete line of pneumatic products: air preparation, slides, grippers, rotary actuators, crimpers, valves and a comprehensive line of air cylinders.

In 2017, the company was featured on "The World's Greatest," a television show that highlights the top countries in various industries, cementing our top position in the world of pneumatics. With expansion comes new opportunities for customization. Although Fabco-Air's list of products is extensive, there still may be applications that require something more than the standard offering. For those who need a customized product, Fabco-Air is ready, willing and able to tailor any product to a customer's unique specifications. In fact, 45% of all our sold products are a custom deviation from a standard product.

  • Alfred Schmidt invents the first Pancake™ actuator in Ohio
  • Fabco-Air moves from Cleveland, Ohio to Gainesville, Florida
  • Fabco-Air's supporting role in Hollywood movie, “Short Circuit”
  • Fabco-Air acquires Mill’s Specialty Products (Slides)
  • Fabco-Air acquires “H-Series” Roundline from Humphrey
  • Fabco-Air featured on “World’s Greatest” TV Show
  • Fabco-Air Inc. acquired by Festo Group
  • Fabco-Air products integrated into the Festo catalogue
  • Fabco-Air launches new website and takes part in its first virtual trade show

In 2018 the Festo Group acquired Fabco-Air, with full integration into the Festo catalog of products in 2019. Festo's resources allowed Fabco-Air to grow larger and faster than ever before. Like Festo, Fabco-Air provides custom solutions that bring machines and systems to market faster with less engineering required by equipment manufacturers.

Our Team

Fabco-Air has a staff of over 95 people who are both dedicated to their work and the company they work for. Employees stay with the company for an average of more than 24 years, and the loyalty is made plain in the quality of their work.

Scot LaMar

President and General Manager

Chris Schmidt

Director of Finance and Human Resources | CFO

Kristine Inserra

Director of Marketing

Troy Sanders

National Sales Manager

Brett Beckett

Chief Engineer

Kevin Cradduck

Sr. Project Manager

Mike Russell

Senior Network and Systems Administrator

Travis Thornton

Director of Manufacturing

Michael LeGrow

Quality Manager

Cory Leavitt


Robbie Severance

Production Manager