Directional Control Valves

3853 Series

Composite Solenoid Valve, 2- and 3-Way Normally Closed or Normally Open

The 3853 Series features a number of options to best suit your application. Available in seven orifice sizes, this valve is offered in both 2-way and 3-way normally open or closed functions. With a body constructed from media-compatible DuPont™ Zytel® FE 5105, you can choose between a brass/stainless steel or all stainless steel pilot design along with optional sealing materials and a nylon-encapsulated coil. Our composite material is FDA approved.

Key Specifications

  • Composite material
  • Operating temperature: – 10 to +50° C
  • Pressure to 270 psi
  • 7 orifice sizes
  • DIN spades or flying leads
Technical Advantages
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Easily replaceable orifice
  • FDA-approved versions
  • Vacuum holding and flow applications

Application Examples

  • Hydraulic braking systems
  • Vehicle transmissions
  • Heavy machinery hydraulics
  • Medical dispensing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing and testing
  • Pasteurization systems
  • Food preparation systems

Custom Solutions

Vacuum Generator with 4-Way Valve

This valve pulls 28 inches of water column and holds the vacuum for 24 hours.

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