High-Force Actuators

Air-Oil Tanks

Achieve Precise, Smooth Cylinder Motion With Absolute Control

When your system requires hydraulic-type motion control, Air-Oil Tanks provide high precision, smooth speed and excellent rigidity when used with off-the shelf air valves and shop air. Air-Oil Tanks don’t require motors, pumps, relief valves and other components, so they’re cost effective and save space. Fabco-Air offers two types of Air-Oil Tanks: Single-tank units for when hydraulic control of the cylinder is required in one direction, and double-tank units when bi-directional cylinder control is needed. Single-tank units can also be used as storage tanks in booster systems or for hydraulic shock control. Double-tank units are particularly space-efficient thanks to the one-piece head that holds both tanks in place and also simplifies mounting.

Both Air-Oil units feature large flow ports, and top and bottom baffles help prevent fluid aeration. They also have a translucent tube, so users can observe fluid levels and other conditions. Rugged construction features include black anodized heads, brass baffle plates, high-strength tie rods and Buna-N tube seals custom-molded for a leak-free assembly. Air-Oil Tanks are available with bore sizes of 1 ¼, 2 and 4 inches to suit all applications, with tank lengths furnished to your requirements.

Key Specifications

  • Operation to 150 psi
  • Single tank units
  • Double tank units save space in two-direction control systems
  • Black anodized heads
  • Tapped mounting holes in top and bottom heads
  • Large flow ports
  • Fill port on top
  • Drain port on bottom
  • Brass baffle plates and internal parts
  • Top and bottom baffles help prevent fluid aeration
  • Choice of 1 ¼, 2 and 4 inch ID tanks
  • Tank lengths to your requirements
  • No sight tubes or gauges
  • Tie rods threaded and plated for high strength
  • Aluminum tie rod cover tubes to control “H” dimension and tube seal compression
  • Plated tie rod nuts
Technical Advantages
  • Air-Oil Tanks may also be used as storage tanks in booster systems.
  • Translucent fiberglass tube makes fluid visible at all times.
  • Custom-molded Buna-N tube seals provide both ID and face sealing for a positive, no-leak assembly.
  • Tanks can be combined with a Multi-Power® Booster to add high pressure to an air-powered machine.

Application Examples

  • Air press