Round Body Air Cylinders

F Series

Cost-Optimized, Light-Duty Cylinders Deliver High Performance and Reliability.

When it comes to light-duty, space constrained applications, F Series air cylinders will satisfy all your requirements. Available in 11 bore sizes from 5⁄16 through 3 inches and with stroke lengths to 32 inches, all models in this economical series of cylinders are directly interchangeable, bore for bore and stroke for stroke.

The F Series is built tough. Featuring a 304 stainless steel air cylinder tube and 303 stainless steel, ground, polished and roller-burnished cylinder rods, these durable cylinders perform reliably in harsh conditions. A high-strength aluminum piston is standard, and full-flow ports and cross-slots on the end caps allow air passage to the entire piston and seal area for quick response and full force performance. Additional features include pre-lubrication using a special petroleum-based oil for maintenance-free operation, a rod bushing made with oil-impregnated sintered bronze for wear resistance and long life, and Buna-N U-cup rod and piston seals.

Key Specifications


  • Magnetic piston standard in all sizes
  • Single and double-rod versions
  • ISO 6431 dimensional interchange
  • VDMA24562 compliance
  • Adjustable air cushions at both ends
  • Machined male rod thread with jam nut standard
  • Hard anodized aluminum cylinder tube ID and OD with painted end caps
  • Bore diameters from 32 to 125 mm
  • Strokes from 25 to 1,000 mm available for all bore sizes
  • Operating pressure: 1 MPa, 150 psi
  • Operate with or without additional lubrication

Technical Advantages
  • Roll-formed rod threads at both ends add strength for customer connections as well as the internal piston connection. Oil impregnated sintered bronze bushing has excellent wear resistance to ensure long life.
  • High-strength aluminum piston. Double-acting units include air passage to the entire piston and seal area for quick response and full force performance.

Application Examples

  • Packing and filling
  • Food processing equipment

Custom Solutions